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Welcome to my website.

This is my personal website. It attempts to offer some background on my interests particularly as a researcher and writer. As you will see from the site I have a number of dimensions to my life and work. I have been an academic for over 30 years. I have assumed various roles including Professor of Education, University Manager, and researcher in two key fields – early language and learning, regional development. My current full-time role is as Master of New College UNSW and Adjunct professor of Education at the University of New South Wales Australia. I also have over 20 years experience within Business Chambers having served as President of the Sydney Business Chamber for 9 years and also 7 years as a director of the NSW Business Chamber where I am the current Deputy President.

Recent News

A recent addition to this site is a critical link to a ‘marker’ site that I’ve written to maintain a record of the work of the Centre for Regional Research & Innovation (CRRI) that I established in 1997. The centre closed when I left the University of Western Sydney but the site offers access to a number of major research projects that I led while leading the centre. More about the centre can be found at it's website crriaus.blogspot.com.au/