Selected Conference papers


I have included some of the papers that I have presented over the years.¬† I have only included papers back as far as 1983 and have tried to be representative of what I have done rather than comprehensive.¬† A fuller CV is available¬†HERE.¬† When I refer to a ‚Äėplenary‚Äô presentation they have all been invited presentations to the all attendees at a conference.¬† ‚ÄėKeynotes‚Äô are usually invited and have been called keynotes by the organizers presentations to a major section of the conference (usually 25%-50%).¬† In most cases the papers that follow have been published in some form or have been added to key web-based resources such as the ERIC Clearinghouse.¬† For those not easily available usually I have a full paper available for distribution.¬† I have not attempted to categorize the papers in accordance with my varied interests and instead have presented them chronologically.

Cairney, T.H.  (1983)  Reading and writing: Making connections, paper presented to the 9th Australian Reading Association Conference, Launceston (Tas), September 10-14.

Cairney, T.H.  (1984) Reading and writing:  Complementary composing processes, paper presented to the Reading Association of Darwin, 15 February.

Cairney, T.H.  (1984) Linking reading and writing, paper presented at the 21st Annual United Kingdom Reading Association Conference, Dundee (Scotland), July 15-18.

Cairney, T.H.  (1984) Theory into practice:  Learner control and teacher action, paper presented at the 1984 Annual Convention of The National Reading Council, St Petersburgh (Florida), December 1-4.

Cairney, T.H.¬† (1986)¬†Children’s perceptions of reading:¬† A one year study of children’s views on reading, reading materials and instructional methods,¬†paper presented to the 1986 CELT International Conference, London, 14-18 July.

Cairney, T.H.  (1987) Making meaning:  Readers, writers and texts in transaction. Keynote address to the 2nd South Pacific Reading Conference, Hobart, January 11-14.

Cairney, T.H.  (1987) Literacy as transaction: Towards literature-based reading programmes, paper presented to 13th Australian Reading Association Conference, Sydney, July 10-14.

Cairney, T.H.  (1987) The power of story:  Literature as a basis for instruction, Keynote address to Literacy Eureka Conference,  Ballarat, September 24-26.

Cairney, T.H.  (1988) Weaving the fabric of text:  The social dimension of  literacy, plenary address to the annual Northern Territory joint ETA/ARA/DIT Conference, Darwin, 11-12th June.

Cairney, T.H.  (1988) Intertextuality and literacy development, 12th World Reading Congress, Gold Coast, July 5-9.

Cairney, T.H.  (1988) Teaching and monitoring, Chair of Strand, Post World  Congress Language and Learning Symposium, Brisbane, July 11-15.

Cairney, T.H.  (1989) Other worlds, creative minds:  Literature in the classroom, Keynote presentation to Central Victorian Reading Association Conference, April 26.

Cairney, T.H.  (1989) Text meets text, reading meets writer, paper presented at the 39th annual meeting of the National Reading Conference, Austin Texas, Nov 28-Dec 2.

Cairney, T.H.  (1990) What are the implications for teacher education courses? Where have we been and where are we going to? Plenary address to the Queensland Teacher Registration Board conference, Brisbane, April 16-19.  I

Cairney, T.H.  (1990) Building communities of readers and writers: How come? Where now?  How to?  Keynote address to the 15th Australian Reading Association Conference, Canberra, 7-10 July.

Cairney, T.H.  (1990) Using non-question strategies to heighten reader engagement with literature, Paper presented to 13th World Congress on Reading, Stockholm, July 2-7.

Cairney, T.H.  (1990) Literacy for all: Reality, myths and fairy tales. Plenary address to the Literacy for All conference, S.A. Reading Association, Adelaide, 8-9 September.

Cairney, T.H.  (1991) Building Communities of Readers and Writers, Keynote address to the Third South Pacific Reading conference, Rotorua,  13-17 January.

Cairney, T.H.  (1991) The Endless Possibilities of Literature, Plenary Address to the 1991 Dromkeen Annual Expo Conference, Melbourne,  19-21 March.

Cairney, T.H.  (1991) Talking to Literacy Learners: The impact of an education programme upon parent/child interactions, Paper presented to the International Convention on Language and Learning, Norwich, 6-10 April.

Cairney, T.H.  (1991) Mountain or Molehill: The genre debate from down under, Plenary address to the UK National Language Conference, Manchester, 12-13 April.

Cairney, T.H.  (1991) Developing Literate Communities, Address to the 36th Annual IRA Convention, Las Vegas, 6-10 May.

Cairney, T.H.  (1991) Endless Gateways for Valiant Voyagers. Keynote address to the 16th Australian Reading Association Conference,  Adelaide, 7-11 July.

Cairney, T.H. (1991) Responding to Literature: A living tapestry. Plenary address to the Australian Reading Association Post Conference  Literature Institute, Adelaide, 12 July.

Cairney, T.H.  & Munsie, L.  (1991) The TTALL Programme:  Collaborating with parents to empower literacy learners, paper presented to AARE annual conference, Gold Coast, 24-30 November.

Cairney, T.H. (1992)  Beyond the Question: An evaluation of alternative strategies for the assessment of reading comprehension, paper presented to American Educational Research Association, San Francisco, April 20-24.

Cairney, T.H.  & Munsie, L.  (1992) Talking to literacy learners: Collaborating with parents to empower their children, Paper presented to the 36th Annual Convention of the International Reading Association, Orlando (Fl),   6-10 May.

Cairney, T.H. (1992)  Parents and Literacy, Forming New Partnerships.   Address to the 8th Reading Association of Sydney Conference, Sydney, 9 May, 1992.

Cairney, T.H. (1992)¬†¬†So, You Think You’re a Whole Language Teacher.¬†Plenary¬† Address to the 8th Reading Association of Sydney¬† Conference, Sydney, 9 May.

Cairney, T.H. (1992)  Parents: Our silent partners, Keynote presentation to the 2nd Joint Australian Reading Association and Australian Association for Teaching of English Conference, Hobart (TAS), 24-27 September.

Cairney, T.H.  & Munsie, L.  (1992) Breaking down the barriers: Parents as partners in literacy.  Paper presented to joint AARE and NZRA conference, Geelong, 22-26 November.

Cairney, T.H. (1993)  Cairney, T.H.  & Munsie, L.  (1993) Parents as partners in literacy learning.  Paper presented to 4th Australian Family Research Conference, Sydney, 17-19 February.

Cairney, T.H. (1993)¬†¬†Looking below the surface: In search of the ‘real’ basics of literacy,¬†Plenary address to Meanjin Reading¬† Conference, Brisbane,¬† 26-27 March.

Cairney, T.H.  & Munsie, L.  (1993) Beyond Tokenism: Parents as partners in literacy learning,  Address to 1993 American Educational Research Association Conference, Atlanta (USA), 12-16 April.

Cairney, T.H.  & Munsie, L.  (1993) Parents as community literacy tutors: Exploring new partnerships to empower literacy learners, Paper presented to the International Reading Association Annual Convention, San Antonio (Texas), 26 April Р3 May.

Cairney, T.H. (1993)  Literature, a living tapestry of yesterday, today and tomorrow, Plenary address to the 19th New Zealand Reading Association Conference, Christchurch, 9-12 May.

Cairney, T.H. (1993)  Literacy for all: Exploding the myths of illiteracy,  Keynote address  to the  18th annual Australian Reading Association Conference, Melbourne, 6-9 July.

Cairney, T.H.  & Lowe, K. (1993)  Literacy and Youth: An evaluation of the literacy practices of young people held in institutional care, Keynote address to the National Conference on Juvenile Detention, Darwin, 9-13 August.

Dinham, S., Cairney, T.H., Craigie, D. & Wilson, S.  (1993)  School leadership and decision-making: A critique of leadership style and decision-making processes in three comprehensive high schools, paper presented to the joint conference of the Australian Council for Educational Administration and the Australian Secondary Principals Association, Adelaide. 26-30 September.

Cairney, T.H. & Munsie, L. (1993).  Involving parents in the literacy activities of secondary children: An evaluation of the Effective Partners in Secondary Literacy Learning program, paper presented to the annual conference of the Australian Association for Research in Education, Fremantle (WA), 21-25 November, 1993.

Cairney, T.H. & Lowe, K. (1994).  Meeting the literacy needs of young offenders, paper presented to the International Forum on Education in Penal Systems, Melbourne, 27-29 March.

Cairney, T.H. & Munsie, L. (1994).  Parents as partners in secondary literacy learning, paper presented to the American Educational Research Association Conference, New Orleans, 4-8 April.

Cairney, T.H. & Munsie, L. (1994).  Parents as partners in secondary literacy learning: An evaluation of the EPISLL Program, paper presented to the  International Reading Association Annual Convention, Toronto (Canada), 9-13 May.

Cairney, T.H. (1994)  Parents as Partners in Literacy, invited address to staff and post graduate students at Queens University (Ontario, Canada), 13 May, 1994.

Cairney. T.H.  (1994).   Literacy acquisition and literature: Teaching and learning,  Keynote presentation to the School Library Association of NSW, Sydney, 26-28 August.

Cairney, T.H. (1994)  Family literacy and the home.  Presentation to the UNESCO World Symposium on Family Literacy, Paris, 3-5 October, 1994.

Cairney, T.H. (1994).  The school and community interface: The necessity and practicalities of partnership, Plenary address to the South Australian Reading Association Annual Conference,  Adelaide,  28-30 October, 1994.

Cairney, T.H. & Lowe, K. (1994). Literacy in the transition years: An investigation of literacy practices across the elementary/secondary school divide.  Paper presented to the National Reading Conference (USA), San Diego, 30 November Р3 December.

Cairney, T.H., Ruge, J., Lowe, K. & Buchanan, J.  (1994). Developing Partnerships: An Evaluation of Family Literacy Practices in Australia. Paper presented to the Australian Association for Adult and Community Education National Conference, Sydney, 7-10 December.

Cairney, T.H. (1995). Myths, mysteries and fairytales: Rethinking parent involvement in literacy and schooling.  Plenary address to the Making the Links Conference, Brisbane, 17-18 March.

Cairney, T.H. (1995).  Literacy developments in Australia: Promoting professional development.  Plenary address to the Oceania Leadership Workshop convened by the International Reading Association, Auckland, 17-19 March.

Cairney, T.H. (1995).  Developing partnerships in family and community literacy.  Plenary address to the NSW Institute for Educational Research Conference, Sydney, 7-8 April.

Cairney, T.H., Ruge, J., Buchanan, J. & Lowe, K.(1995). An evaluation of family and community literacy programs in Australia.  Paper presented to the American Educational Research Association conference, San Francisco, 18-22 April.

Cairney, T.H. (1995).  Family Literacy Research: Current trends and future directions.  Address to the Santa Barbara Classroom Discourse Group,  Santa Barbara (California), 25th April, 1995.

Cairney, T.H. & Munsie, L. (1995). Involving parents in literacy learning at school and home.  Paper presented to the 40th Annual International Reading Association Conference,  Anaheim, 30 April Р5 May, 1995.

Cairney, T.H  (1995).  Match and Mismatch: The consequences and possibilities of differing community and school literacy practices.  Celebrity address to the 20th Annual Conference of the Australian Reading Association, Sydney, 12-15th July.

Cairney, T.H. & Ruge, J.  (1996). Community Literacy Practices and Schooling: Towards effective support for students.  Paper presented to the American Educational Research Association conference, New York, 8-12 April.

Cairney, T.H. & Ruge, J.  (1996). Examining the impact of cultural mismatches between home and school: Coping with diversity in classrooms.  Paper presented to the American Educational Research Association conference, New York, 8-12 April.

Cairney, T.H.  (1996).  Negotiating literacies: The home, school and community interface.  Paper presented to the Pacific Circle Consortium Conference, Sydney, 20-22 May, 1996.

Cairney, T.H.  (1996).  Pathways to literacy: Building communities of readers and writers.  Plenary address to the Literacy in the Early Years Conference, Melbourne, 26-27 May, 1996.

Cairney, T.H. (1996).  Building links between school, home and community in the Asia Pacific region: An Australian perspective.  Paper presented to UNESCO sponsored APEID Regional Conference on Improving the Links between School, Home and Community  in the Asia-Pacific Region, Tokyo, 17-28 June, 1996.

Cairney, T.H. (1996). Literacy in the 1996 and beyond: New challenges for teachers.  Plenary address to the 1996 Reading Recovery Annual Conference, Sydney, 16-19 June, 1996.

Cairney, T.H. (1996). Culture, class and school success, coping and responding to diversity. Address to the Australian Literacy Educators’ Conference, Brisbane, 30th June-3 July, 1996.

Cairney, T.H. (1996).¬†Beyond the rhetoric of partnership: Moving towards responsive teaching and curriculum.¬† Keynote presentation, ‚ÄúReclaimimg the Future‚ÄĚ, International Christian Education Conference, 22-25 July, 1996.

Cairney, T.H. (1996).   Challenges for the future: Building partnerships between schools and communities.  Invited Plenary address to the Child, Adolescent & Family Health Conference,  Sydney, 16-18 October.

Cairney, T.H. (1996). Pathways to literacy: Building communities of readers and writers.  Invited Plenary address to Early Years of Schooling Conference, Hobart, Tasmania, 9-10 December.

Cairney, T.H. (1997). International Reading Association Conference, Atlanta (USA),   1997.

Cairney, T.H. (1997). Quality management, quality assessment and the decision-making process. Paper presented to OECD Conference, Mexico City, 1-2 December, 1997.

Cairney, T.H. & Ruge, J. (1997). Clash of Discourses: Examining the literacy practices of home, school and community. Paper presented to the Annual Convention, National Reading Conference, Scottsdale (Arizona), 3-6 December.

Cairney, T.H. (1998). Match, mismatch: Considering the impact of differences in the literacy of home, school and community. Paper presented to American Educational Research Conference, San Diego (USA), 13-18 April, 1998.

Cairney, T.H. (1998). Charting your future. Occasional address, Sydney College of Divinity Graduation Ceremony, Sydney University Great Hall, 30 May, 1998.

Cairney, T.H. (1998). Living and learning in an age of multiple literacies: What are young children reading and writing?  Invited plenary address to the 1998 International Early Childhood Conference, Brisbane, 20-23 June.

Cairney, T.H. (1998). Literacy and diversity: have our observations of difference made a difference? Invited Keynote presentation to the joint Australian Literacy Educators’ and Australian Association for Teachers’ of English conference, Canberra, 5-8 July.

Cairney, T.H. (1998). Negotiating the literacy of home school and community: Reflections on the experiences of discourse boundary riders.  Invited keynote presentation to the Global Conversations Conference biennial research conference of the National Council for Teachers of English (USA), Bordeaux (France), 5-8.

Cairney, T.H. (1999).  Examining the literacy practices of home, school and community:  When does difference make a difference? Paper presented to the American Educational Research Conference, Montreal, 19-23 April.

Ashton, J. & Cairney, T.H.¬† (1999).¬†¬†‚ÄėMaking judgements‚Äô: An analysis of school and teacher discourses of home-school partnerships.¬† Paper presented to the International Federation of Teachers of English Conference, Warwick (UK), 7-10 July, 1999.

Sproats, K., Cairney, T.H. & Hegarty, D. (1999).  Building regional communities in an information age: The case of Greater Western Sydney. Paper presented to Citizens in Public Education Conference, Tampere (Finland), 18-20 August.

Cairney, T.H. (1999). What research has to say about literacy development? A summary.  Closing plenary address to the Australian Council for Educational Research annual conference, Adelaide, 18-19 October.

Cairney, T.H. & Ashton, J. (2000).  Three  families, multiple discourses: Examining differences in the literacy practices of home and school.  American Educational Research Association Conference, New Orleans (USA),

Cairney, T.H. (2000). When community and school meet: Understanding, responding to and building on difference. Plenary address to the United Kingdom Reading Association, Oxford (UK), 11-14 July.

Cairney, T.H. (2001). The role of Education in the Development of Communities of Learners: Laying the foundation for Knowledge-based Economies.  Presentation to the 8th International Learning Conference Spetses, Greece, 5-8 July.

Cairney, T.H. (2002). The impact of the knowledge-based economy on organisational development, innovation and learning: Implications for VET. Paper presented to the 5th AVETRA Conference, Melbourne, 20-22 March, 2002.

Cairney, T.H. (2002).  Textual tapestries: Intertextual literacies in the digital age.  Paper presented to the Australian Literacy Educators Conference, Perth, 29 September to 2 October.

Cairney, T.H., Carroll, J. & Daintree, D. (2003).¬†¬†Strategic directions in research.¬†¬†Presentation to the Association of Heads ofAustralian University Colleges and Halls, Adelaide, 28th September ‚Äď 2nd October.

Cairney, T.H. (2004). What are the qualities of an effective teacher, Occasional address, Annual graduation of the College of Christian Higher Education, The Uniting Church Centre for Ministry, Parramatta, 14th April.

Cairney, T.H. (2004). Literature and life: How text can shape lives and build communities of interest and belonging.  Paper presented at the joint Australian Literacy Educators, Australian Teachers of English, and Primary English Teachers Associations joint national conference.  Sydney 4-7 July.

Cairney, T.H. (2004). The challenge of refurbishment: A discussion of issues, problems and ideas when embarking on a building program.  Paper presented to the NZATEAP/AHAUCHI 2004 Conference, Dunedin, 29th Aug- 2nd Sept.

Cairney, T.H. (2004).  Effective literacy in the early years.  Keynote presentation to the NSW Institute for Educational Research Conference, Sydney, 5-6 November.

Cairney, T.H. (2005). Teachers make a difference. Invited paper presentation to the conference Researching and Teaching Language in These Critical Times, Bloomington (IN), 21-22 May.

Louden, W., Rohl, M., Barratt-Pugh, C., Crown, C., Cairney, T.H., Elderfield, J., House, H., Meiers, M., Rivalland, J. & Rowe, K. (2005).  Teaching practice and literacy in the early years of schooling.  Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association Conference, Montreal (Canada), 11-15 April, 2005.

Cairney, T.H. (2008). Research Priorities: Parent Programs. Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth (ARACY) and Australian Fatherhood Research Network Conference, Newcastle University, 18th April, 2008

Cairney, T.H. (2010). A Search for Meaning: The Heart of Literacy. Keynote address to Australian Literacy Education Association Conference, Adelaide, 9th April.

Cairney, T.H. (2010). The Power of Story. 8th International Conference on the Book. St Gallen, Switzerland, 6-9 November.

Cairney, T.H. (2011). Regaining Our Voice in the Secular University. Commencement address to St Mark’s National Theology Centre, 1st March, 2011.

Cairney, T.H. (2011). The Power & Possibilities of Story, Australian Literacy Educators’ Association (South Coast), Wollongong, 16th June.

Cairney, T.H. (2013). Christian Understandings of Pedagogy: ‚ÄėIn between‚Äô Education. Plenary address to the “Christian Understandings of Pedagogy” International Syposium, Canterbury Christ Church University, 4th July 2013. I

Cairney, T.H. (2015). Scaffolding story reading at home: The impact of varied discourse practices on reading, creativity & imagination. Annual Literacy Research Association Conference (LRA), San Diego, 2-5 December. I

Cairney, T.H. (2015). Scaffolding story reading at home: The impact of varied discourse practices on reading, creativity & imagination. Annual Literacy Research Association Conference (LRA), San Diego, 2-5 December. I