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Copyright on my Web-based materials

Please note that using the work of others without permission and acknowledgement and plagiarism are forms of theft and are legally actionable in most countries. While it is legitimate to make reference to the work of others and to use quotes from such work, there are accepted practices for doing this. In general terms I have no problems with:

* Ā  People linking to my various posts and online publications if for personal use and NOT FOR PROFIT.

* Ā Students or teachers making reference to some of my ideas and strategies in programs and school-based publications, but please acknowledge the full source and please donā€™t simply copy whole strategies or sections of my blog posts and publications

* Ā Other bloggers linking to my posts and quoting from the post. Please donā€™t simply copy my posts onto your own sites without my permission.

If unsure about what is fair and legal simply ask me.

Original materials appear as those copyrighted to Trevor Cairney.

DO NOTĀ use my images, photographs, illustrations, diagrams without permission. Most of the images on my website and blogs are my own or are used by permission. Some are open access images.

If you wish to include my publications and posts in publications whether in book form or electronic youĀ mustĀ seek my permission.

You should also seek my consent if you wish to use my work as part of materials used on a for profit basis. This may take the form (but is not limited to) university course materials, professional consulting materials, on-line courses, as part of fee-paid presentations etc.

Trevor Cairney

Revised 18th January 2011