Curriculum Vitae:  Trevor Cairney


Recent and current & previous positions:

Head, Moore College Foundation (2017-2021)

CEO, Higher Education Solutions (2016-)

President & Chairman, New South Wales Business Chamber (2016-2017)

Chairman, Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors, ABLA (2016-2020)

Director, Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (2016-2017)

Chairman, Employment, Education & Training Committee, Australian Chamber (2016-2020)

University Life Professorial Fellow, University of New South Wales Australia (conferred 2013)


Previous roles:

Hon. Professor of Education, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, UNSW Australia (2002-2013). Hon. Life Fellow (2013-).

Master & CEO, New College, University of New South Wales (2002-2016)

Director, Centre for Regional Research & Innovation (CRRI) (2002-2003, 2006-2016)

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research, Development & Postgraduate Studies), University of Western Sydney (1995-2000)

Dean of Education, University of Western Sydney (1990-1995)

Visiting International Fellow, University of British Columbia (2003)

Professor of Education, University of Western Sydney (1990-2002)

Senior Lecturer in Education, Charles Sturt University (1986-89)

Postdoctoral Fellow, Indiana University (Bloomington), (1984)

Lecturer in Education, Charles Sturt University (1981-1986)

Teacher, NSW Department of Education (1972-1989)



Doctor of Philosophy (Cognitive Psychology), University of Newcastle (1985)

Master of Letters (Educational Psychology), University of New England (1979)

Bachelor of Arts, University of New England (1977)

Teaching Certificate, Newcastle Teachers’ College (1971)

Graduate Certificate, Australian Institute of Company Directors (2009)


Selected Awards & Recognition

Awarded the 1985 Institute for Educational Research Award for my doctoral thesis titled Reading ability and the resolution of anaphoric reference.

Elected President of the Australian Literacy Association, 1993-95.

Ministerial appointment to the Australian Language and Literacy Council, (1994-1996).

Appointed to the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), (1999-2000).

Elected President of the Sydney Chamber of Commerce & Industry (2001-2009)

Award for “Outstanding Contribution“ to regional development, Australian Department of Transport and Regional Services (DOTARS), (2002).

Awarded Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for ‚Äúservice to education as an academic and administrator, and to business through leadership roles within professional organisations‚ÄĚ, 11th June 2012.



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Cairney, T.H. (2018). Pedagogy and Education for Life. Eugene OR: Wipf & Stock.


Selected Journal Articles and Book Chapters (full list of 160+ publications available on request)

Cairney, T.H. (1982). The reading process:  A research update, Reading Education, 7, 2.

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Selected Research Reports & Monographs (Full list available on request)

M. Mooney, T. H. Cairney, G. Beattie, G. Beattie, A. Marshall (1990). Marking the landscape:  youth in search of identity,  (Vols 1-3) Final report to the Australia Council, 1990 (450 pages).

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 Note: Further information on my various research projects with national funding of over $3 million is available on request.



Selected List of Lectures and Conference Papers (full list of 180+ available on request)

Note:   RC   indicates fully refereed process used to select conference papers

             I  indicates an invited plenary address

Cairney, T.H.  (1984). Reading and writing:  Complementary composing processes, paper presented to the Reading Association of Darwin, 15 February. RC

Cairney, T.H.  (1984). Linking reading and writing, paper presented to the 21st Annual United Kingdom Reading Association Conference, Dundee (Scotland), July 15-18. RC

Cairney, T.H.  (1984). Theory into practice:  Learner control and teacher action, paper presented at the 1984 Annual Convention of The National Reading Council, St Petersburgh (Florida), December 1-4. RC

Cairney, T.H.  (1987). Literacy as transaction, paper presented to 13th Australian Reading Association Conference, Sydney, July 10-14. RC

Cairney, T.H.  (1988). Intertextuality and literacy development, 12th World Reading Congress, Gold Coast, July 5-9. RC

Cairney, T.H.  (1989). Text meets text, reading meets writer, paper presented at the 39th annual meeting of the National Reading Conference, Austin Texas, Nov 28-Dec 2. RC

Cairney, T.H.  (1990). Using non-question strategies to heighten reader engagement with literature, Paper presented to 13th World Congress on Reading, Stockholm, July 2-7. RC

Cairney, T.H.  (1991). Building Communities of Readers and Writers, Keynote address to the Third South Pacific Reading conference, Rotorua, 13-17 January. I

Cairney, T.H.  (1991). Talking to Literacy Learners: The impact of an education programme upon parent/child interactions, Paper presented to the International Convention on Language and Learning, Norwich, 6-10 April. RC

Cairney, T.H.  (1991). Mountain or Molehill: The genre debate from down under, Plenary address to the UK National Language Conference, Manchester, 12-13 April. I

Cairney, T.H.  (1991). Endless Gateways for Valiant Voyagers. Keynote address to the 16th Australian Reading Association Conference, Adelaide, 7-11 July.  I

Cairney, T.H. (1991). Dipping into the cauldron: Building our students’ intertextual histories.¬† Keynote address to the Discourse Processing Special Interest Group, 16th Australian Reading Association Conference, Adelaide, 7-11.¬† I

Cairney, T.H. (1992). Beyond the Question: An evaluation of alternative strategies for the assessment of reading comprehension, paper presented to American Educational Research Association, San Francisco, April 20-24.  RC

Cairney, T.H.  & Munsie, L.  (1992). Talking to literacy learners: Collaborating with parents to empower their children, Paper presented to the 36th Annual Convention of the International Reading Association, Orlando (Fl), 6-10 May. RC

Cairney, T.H. (1992). Parents: Our silent partners, Keynote presentation to the 2nd Joint Australian Reading Association and Australian Association for Teaching of English Conference, Hobart (TAS), 24-27 September.  I

Cairney, T.H.  & Munsie, L.  (1993). Beyond Tokenism: Parents as partners in literacy learning, Address to 1993 American Educational Research Association Conference, Atlanta (USA), 12-16 April. RC

Cairney, T.H. (1993). Literature, a living tapestry of yesterday, today and tomorrow, Plenary address to the 19th New Zealand Reading Association Conference, Christchurch, 9-12 May.  I

Cairney, T.H. (1993). Literacy for all: Exploding the myths of illiteracy, Keynote address to the 18th annual Australian Reading Association Conference, Melbourne, 6-9 July.   I

Cairney, T.H.¬† (1994).¬† Developing involvement programs for parents of secondary school students: An evaluation of the Effective Partners in Secondary Literacy Learning program, paper presented to the Sixth International Roundtable on Families, Communities, Schools and Children’s Learning, New Orleans, 4 April.¬† I

Cairney, T.H. & Munsie, L. (1994).  Parents as partners in secondary literacy learning: An evaluation of the EPISLL Program, paper presented to the International Reading Association Annual Convention, Toronto (Canada), 9-13 May. RC

Cairney, T.H. (1994). Family literacy and the home.  Presentation to the UNESCO World Symposium on Family Literacy, Paris, 3-5 October, 1994. I

Cairney, T.H. & Lowe, K. (1994). Literacy in the transition years: An investigation of literacy practices across the elementary/secondary school divide.  Paper presented to the National Reading Conference (USA), San Diego, 30 November Р3 December. RC

Cairney, T.H., Ruge, J., Buchanan, J. & Lowe, K. (1995). An evaluation of family and community literacy programs in Australia.  Paper presented to the American Educational Research Association conference, San Francisco, 18-22 April. RC

Cairney, T.H.  (1995).  Using literature as an entry into other worlds: Exploring the tapestry of text. Plenary address to the 6th Biennial Conference of the Cape York Peninsular ALEA and ETA Qld, Cairns, 28-30 July, 1995. I

Cairney, T.H. & Ruge, J.  (1996). Examining the impact of cultural mismatches between home and school: Coping with diversity in classrooms.  Paper presented to the American Educational Research Association conference, New York, 8-12 April.  RC

Cairney, T.H. (1996).  Building links between school, home and community in the Asia Pacific region: An Australian perspective.  Paper presented to UNESCO sponsored APEID Regional Conference on Improving the Links between School, Home and Community in the Asia-Pacific Region, Tokyo, 17-28 June, 1996.   I

Cairney, T.H. (1996). Beyond the rhetoric of partnership: Moving towards responsive teaching and curriculum.¬† Keynote presentation, ‚ÄúReclaiming the Future‚ÄĚ, International Christian Education Conference, 22-25 July, 1996. RC

Cairney, T.H. (1997). Quality management, quality assessment and the decision-making process in universities. Paper presented to OECD Conference, Mexico City, 1-2 December, 1997.  I

Cairney, T.H. & Ruge, J. (1997). Clash of Discourses: Examining the literacy practices of home, school and community. Paper presented to the Annual Convention, National Reading Conference, Scottsdale (Arizona), 3-6 December. RC

Cairney, T.H. (1998). Match, mismatch: Considering the impact of differences in the literacy of home, school and community. Paper presented to American Educational Research Conference, San Diego (USA), 13-18 April, 1998. RC

Cairney, T.H. (1998). Charting your future. Occasional address, Sydney College of Divinity Graduation Ceremony, Sydney University Great Hall, 30 May, 1998. I

Cairney, T.H. (1998). Negotiating the literacy of home school and community: Reflections on the experiences of discourse boundary riders. Invited keynote presentation to the Global Conversations Conference biennial research conference of the National Council for Teachers of English (USA), Bordeaux (France), 5-8.  I

Cairney, T.H. (1999).  Examining the literacy practices of home, school and community:  When does difference make a difference? Paper presented to the American Educational Research Conference, Montreal, 19-23 April. RC

Ashton, J. & Cairney, T.H.¬† (1999).¬† ‚ÄėMaking judgements‚Äô: An analysis of school and teacher discourses of home-school partnerships.¬† Paper presented to the International Federation of Teachers of English Conference, Warwick (UK), 7-10 July, 1999. RC

Cairney, T.H. (1999). What research has to say about literacy development? A summary.  Closing plenary address to the Australian Council for Educational Research annual conference, Adelaide, 18-19 October. I

Cairney, T.H. & Ashton, J. (2000).  Three families, multiple discourses: Examining differences in the literacy practices of home and school.  American Educational Research Association Conference, New Orleans (USA), R

Cairney, T.H. (2001). The role of Education in the Development of Communities of Learners: Laying the foundation for Knowledge-based Economies.  Presentation to the 8th International Learning Conference Spetses, Greece, 5-8 July. R

Cairney, T.H. (2002).  Textual tapestries: Intertextual literacies in the digital age.  Paper presented to the Australian Literacy Educators Conference, Perth, 29 September to 2 October.  R

Cairney, T.H. (2004). What are the qualities of an effective teacher, Occasional address, Annual graduation of the College of Christian Higher Education, The Uniting Church Centre for Ministry, Parramatta, 14th April. I

Cairney, T.H. (2004). Literature and life: How text can shape lives and build communities of interest and belonging.  Paper presented at the joint Australian Literacy Educators, Australian Teachers of English, and Primary English Teachers Associations joint national conference.  Sydney 4-7 July. R

Cairney, T.H. (2005). Teachers make a difference. Invited paper presentation to the conference ‚ÄėResearching and Teaching Language in These Critical Times‚Äô, Bloomington (IN), 21-22 May.¬† I

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Cairney, T.H. (2010). A Search for Meaning: The Heart of Literacy. Keynote address to Australian Literacy Education Association Conference, Adelaide, 9th April. I

Cairney, T.H. (2010). The Power of Story. 8th International Conference on the Book. St Gallen, Switzerland, 6-9 November. RC

Cairney, T.H. (2011). Regaining Our Voice in the Secular University. Commencement address to St Mark’s National Theology Centre, 1st March, 2011. I

Cairney, T.H. (2011). Literature & the Multimodal Life: When Alice Met the iPad. Plenary Address, Australian Literacy Educators’ Conference, Melbourne, 7-10 July, 2011. I

Cairney, T.H. (2011). The Power & Possibilities of Story, Australian Literacy Educators’ Association (South Coast), Wollongong, 16th June.

Cairney, T.H. (2013). Christian Understandings of Pedagogy: ‚ÄėIn between‚Äô Education. Plenary address to the “Christian Understandings of Pedagogy” International Syposium, Canterbury Christ Church University, 4th July 2013. I

Cairney, T.H. (2015). Scaffolding story reading at home: The impact of varied discourse practices on reading, creativity & imagination. Annual Literacy Research Association Conference (LRA), San Diego, 2-5 December. I

Research Supervisor, Adviser/referee, and Examiner of Theses

a) I have supervised over 50 students to completion at 3 universities degrees at the Doctoral and Masters Research level.

b) I have a current adjunct appointment as Professor at the Australian Catholic University as a key mentor for research across the University.

c) I have acted as an external examiner for 45 theses at the following 26 institutions:  University of Auckland, Newcastle University, Australian Catholic University, University of New England, Flinders University, Griffith University, Moore Theological College (Sydney), University of South Australia, University of Melbourne, Latrobe University, Indiana (USA) University, Charles Darwin University, University of Queensland, Griffith University, Edith Cowan University, Latrobe University, Charles Sturt University, Wollongong University, Deakin University, The Sydney University (Education & Linguistics), Monash University, University of Technology, Macquarie University, University of Tasmania, University of New England, and the University of Canberra.

d) I act annually as an ‚ÄėInternational Expert‚Äô for the Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery and ARC Linkage grants assessor. I have also filled this role as International reviewer for Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada grants.

e) I have offered independent advice to a number of universities concerning postgraduate supervision, research culture and postgraduate community development.

f) I am a member of the International Advisory Panels for three international research journals.


Professional Memberships and Committees

a) Selected key Appointments

Appointed by the Federal Minister for Employment, Education and Training to become one of only 3 academic members of the Australian Language and Literacy Council (a council of NBEET), (1994-1996).

Appointed a member Australian Institute for Christian Tertiary Education, 1994-98.

Appointed to the Business/Higher Education Roundtable, Education, Science and Technology Group, (1997-1999).

Appointed to the Council of the Australian Council for Educational Research, (1999-2000).

Appointed as a Director Southland College, 2006-2011

Appointed national chairman, Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES), (2002-2005)

Consultant on text comprehension to the staff of the Commonwealth Office of Parliamentary Counsel and its application to the development and drafting of Commonwealth Legislation, Attorney General’s Department, Canberra, (1995-).

Appointed to the Steering Committee of the OECD Program for International Literacy and Numeracy assessment project (PISA), (1998-).

Moore Theological College External Advisory Committee, (1999-).

Director, Centre for Apologetic Scholarship & Education (CASE), (2005-).

Editor, Case, (2005-)

External Adviser, NSW Department of Higher Education Directorate, (2006-)

Member, Editorial Board, Australian Journal of Christian Education (2006-)

Director, Morling Theological College Council, and Deputy Chair, (2001-).

Director, NSW Business Chamber, (2006-).

Member, Anglican Education Commission, (2008-16).

Chair, Anglican Education Fellowship, Sydney Diocese, (2010-13)

President & Chairman, NSW Business Chamber, (2016-)

Chairman, Australian Lawyers & Advisors ABLA (2016-)

Director, Australian Chamber ofr Commerce & Industry (2016-)

Chairman, Employment, Education & Training Committee, Australian Chamber (2016-)


b) Selected Academic & professional appointments

American Educational Research Association, since 1989.

Australian Association for Research in Education, since 1989.

Australian College of Education, since 1990.

Australian Literacy Educators Association), member since 1979 (President, 1993-95)

Australian Society of Authors, since 1989.

International Reading Association, since 1981.

National Council for Teachers of English (USA), since 1983.

Australian Institute for Fundraising, since 2002.

Association of Heads of Australian University Colleges and Halls Incorporated (AHAUCHI), since 2002 and Public Officer since 2004.

Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion Association of Episcopal Colleges (CUAC), (2002-)

Australian Institute of Company Directors, since 2007 and a graduate since 2009.